Your story matters. But you may feel lost in it.

Those who have experienced religious or identity trauma may have lost a part of themselves that they always thought was core to who they are. If you were a Christian but don't recognize yourself in the church any more, then who are you? If you were a model child, but you've lost your parent's approval for some reason, then who are you now? If you grew up trying to follow religious sexual norms and values, but are beginning to wonder if you're straight, or if waiting until marriage for sex is really healthy, who does that make you? If, like me, you grew up rejecting a biracial heritage and passing as white, but you want to explore what your heritage might mean to you, where do you start?

Being “barefoot” represents a knowledge that our life journey—our story—is sacred and we desire to connect to our story deeply; not shielded from its raw beauty, but sensitive to its overwhelming joy and pain. This is an exciting and terrifying journey, and having a companion along the way is vital.


It is my hope that you may find on this page, in my story and the stories of others, something of beauty which reflects that which is blossoming in your own story. If you would like to explore how coaching or spiritual direction can help you heal your own religious or identity trauma, or have questions about other ways I might be able to help you navigate your life story, contact me for a free consultation.


Through deep listening and careful questions, I help folks learn to make sense of the pieces of their own story that are hard and overwhelming, help them find tools to see the beauty of who they are now, and help them walk forward into growing freedom, peace and love.


If you are interested in meeting with me for coaching or spiritual companioning, please contact me. The first, exploratory meeting is always free; I accept donations for ongoing meetings, according to your ability. I am available in person and via Skype, Zoom, or phone, in English or ASL.



Call or email me to explore if spiritual companionship is a good fit for you. I'd love to answer your questions! I meet with seekers in person and online via Skype and Zoom

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