Post-Traumatic Growth

Trauma can look like a lot of different things. A sudden death. A car accident. A miscarriage or a difficult birth. Abuse or domestic violence. Military experience or sexual assault. These are all traumatic experiences and can leave a mark long-term. 

But trauma doesn't always come from one big event. Sometimes trauma is small things that build up over time. Things like being ignored or neglected by your parents. Being isolated when you need human connection. Being told that your feelings aren't real or aren't important. Being told that you aren't allowed to feel or express emotions (maybe because you're "a guy" and "boys don't cry". Being told that your gender, sexual orientation, or other identity isn't valid, isn't real, or is a sin. Being told that you are less-than someone else because of your gender. Being told that if you love who you love, you'll be damned to hell. These are a few examples of things that can build up, and build up, and build up and create complex trauma in your life. Complex trauma can be just as damaging as the more common traumas we know about, and can be harder to recognize. 

In Post-Traumatic Growth Coaching, I help clients to unravel the experiences that have created trauma in their life, and works with them to discover ways to heal and grow through the trauma they have experienced.

As a coaching client, I can help you to find places in your life where where you have felt stuck, trapped, powerless and alone, and offers you tools and experiences that will help you to grow into a person who trusts themselves, feels safe, strong and able to be who you truly are.


Traumatic experiencs may never leave us, but they also don't have to be a part of our every-day life. We can let go of trauma while learning more about ourselves and growing through the process. 

If you are curious about post-traumatic growth coaching, please contact me! Initial consultations are always free. I see clients in-person in central Missouri or online via Zoom.