Coaching and Spiritual Direction

I believe life is a pilgrimage: a continual journey in search of the Holy. I walk my path barefoot and invite you to walk with me; “barefoot” in our desire to connect to our story deeply, not shielded from its raw beauty, but sensitive to the presence of the Holy in both our joy and our pain.


As a spiritual companion (spiritual director), it is my honor to walk with seekers on their spiritual journey, helping them to notice and appreciate the appearance of the Holy in their own lives, especially in places that might be easy to overlook. I have widely varied church experience and meet with seekers who come from all church traditions, or no tradition at all.


Through deep listening and careful questions, I help seekers learn to recognize God in the pieces of their own story and to respond to the author of life with deepening relationship, growing freedom, peace and love. I have experience walking with those who deal with mental illness, addiction, trauma history, religious and church abuse, as well as those who have experienced discrimination as part of the LGBTQ community and Deaf community. I am fluent in American Sign Language and signed English and offer spiritual direction to both deaf and hearing individuals.



Call or email me to explore if spiritual companionship is a good fit for you. I'd love to answer your questions! I meet with seekers in person and online via Skype and Zoom

Voice / Text: 573-220-8601


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