I believe that life is a pilgrimage: a continual journey toward, and in search of, the Holy. We do not arrive at God, we travel with God. To walk barefoot is to be vulnerable and open; able to feel the stones of the path, sink into the silky moss of the creek bank, pick up a stray thorn or bury our toes in the soft sand of the beach. To walk The Barefoot Journey, then, is to live life exposed and unguarded, open to all that life brings; joy and beauty, sorrow and pain and everything in between. Each life is a story; a story written in each moment we live, by our own hand and the hand of God. Our story is holy, sacred, beautiful. We take off our shoes in our awe and desire to connect to our story deeply; not shielded from its raw beauty, but sensitive to its overwhelming joy and pain. This journey is for anyone who walks life's pilgrimage barefoot, wants to take off their shoes, or just wonders what being barefoot feels like. Welcome, fellow Barefoot Pilgrims.

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