Prayer. Meditation. Contemplation.

Whatever form of practice appeals to you, having time and space for meditation and mindfulness is vital for everyone. I delight in creating those spaces! 

Where might you want to have a meditation space? Almost anywhere! I have created meditation spaces for:

  • Spiritual Directors International's Conference

  • Wild Goose Spirituality and Social Justice outdoor festival

  • Deaf Teen Gathering conferences

  • Weddings

  • Private Homes

  • Retreats

  • And various other events. 

Meditation Experiences

I also create and lead meditation experiences including guided labyrinth walks, Cherokee prayer bundle-making, fire rituals, intention-setting ceremonies, life-change rituals and grief rituals including death, relationship loss or estrangement.

How do you plan a meditation space? 

A variety of approaches can be taken when assembling sacred space. Choices may depend on the goal of the space or event, the expected needs of the clientele (Do you want to appeal to adults only? Teens? Children?), the physical space (How large is it? What is the lighting like?) and the budget, both immediately and for maintenance.

If you're interested in exploring the creation of a meditation space or planning a personalized ritual I would love to hear from you!