Born in Seattle, Washington in 1980, I was raised in the middle of America, in the middle of the woods where I was beautifully home educated and spent innumerable happy hours amidst the wonderland of trees that is an Ozark forest, creating stories to be played by my siblings, my friends and myself.



Brought to an awareness of relationship with God at a young age, I quickly became a little evangelist and was baptized with my parents on Easter, the year I turned six, in a tiny Pentecostal church which was my second home for the first half of my life. 


By the age of 18, I knew that I was called to walk the path God gave me, one step at a time, never able to see around the bend. This journey has been, and continues to be, unspeakably terrifying and unbelievably beautiful. 


A contemplative from birth, I have always asked questions adults can't answer, and related to God in ways churches don't understand. I have only recently learned to put the word "mystic" around my experiences, and this is a title I'm still exploring. 


I received my formal training as a spiritual director from Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation in Washington, D.C., and have completed their Spiritual Guidance Program.




Call or email me to explore if spiritual companionship is a good fit for you. I'd love to answer your questions! I meet with seekers in person and online via Skype, Google Hangouts and Zoom



Voice / Text: 573-220-8601


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